Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Booket List

Okay, so I and a couple of friends have been adding to our 'To Read Eventually Lists" for quite some time. These were beginning to look more like whole libraries of (mostly classic) book titles. Then a somewhat-genius idea hit one of us (I have yet to remember who it was): To make it into a game!  Everyone knows that if you want to get something done more easily, you have to make it fun! (Mary Poppins inspiration) And so I devised a scoring method and a title for this game:

The Booket List

Witty name, eh? Anyway, the way it goes is something like this: Each person creates a list of five books and makes each book on his list worth a certain amount of points. So for an example I will assign 'Bob' my 'Booket List':

1. Great Expectations - worth 5 points
2. Pride and Prejudice - worth 4 points
3. Silas Marner - worth 3 points
4. Steve Jobs - worth 2 points
5. The Wizard of Oz - worth 1 point

As you can see, the points for each five-book list should add up to 15 points. Rate the books that you want the receiver of the list to read most with the highest points. You don't HAVE to rate them like this, of course; you could just make them all worth 3 points. And if you assign books longer than, say 500 pages, you can make them worth more points. For example, I assigned one of my friends only two books:

1. The Count of Monte Cristo - worth 8 points
2. The Lord of the Rings - worth 7 points

So for our lists we have four people playing, which makes a total of 20 possible books, or 60 possible points to accumulate before the end of the year. Then sometime in December we'll make a movie night and the person with the most points gets the ultimate honor of choosing the movie.

Hopefully it will turn out okay, I'll keep the blog updated on any changes made to the project. Feel free to make your own lists and have fun!